GET yer’ TICKETS NOW for Elephant Room at St Ann’s WAREHOUSE NYC!!!

We’ve packed up the room and are movin’ it to the ummm…South, Eastern kind of side of – well wait – more like the Mid-West portion of Brooklyn! YES!!!!! ST ANNS WAREHOUSE here we come!!

We arrive March 22nd and will eb staying through April 8th – will you be there??


Dennis Diamond. Photo by Scott Suchman

Louie, Darryl, and Dennis move the show to Washington DC

The famous magicians Louie Magic, Darryl Hannah, and Dennis Diamond have finished their show at Plays and Players Theater and are moving the production to:

the Arena Stage in Washington DC, USA – show runs from January 20, 2012 to February 26 2012Get tickets now!

Rumors are flying!!

Will one of Elephant Room’s biggest fans make an appearance at the show?? Some say yes!!!!