Dennis Diamond

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Dennis Diamond: Mentalist

Visionary Dennis Diamond has devoted his life to perfecting his craft. He has been a stalwart practitioner in the art of mystery ever since he was a tender youngling. He is a student of both magic and psychology and is fascinated as well with history.  Years of research, collaboration and invention along with thousands of live performances have won him accolades of fans and industry peers as well. This experience and devotion has paid off big time, offering the world of illusion a brand new master showman and artist.

Dennis Diamond: MentalistDiamond served as cruise conjuror on Carnival Cruise lines and Celebrity Cruise Lines between 1993 and 1996 and toured almost all over the world.  Diamond is known around town as one of the best magicians in town. He has performed extensively in Atlantic city and Las Vegas, and has appeared on television in NBC’s “World Greatest Magic,” “Late Show with David Letterman,” and on his own special as seen on the Animal Planet network.  In his early years, Dennis was lucky to work closely with SAM Past National President John Zweers and John Engman at the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame and Magic Museum on their collections and exhibits before it was flooded and destroyed.  All the animals in the breeding program, and in the illusions used in his show, were born in the wild, meaning that the limited numbers of animals remaining in the wild were not affected.  He hopes that one day, where and whenever possible, he can assist in re-populating these very rare creatures in their natural environments, and other environments as well.  His book, Dennis Diamond: The Black Canary is available by private order.

He is available for bookings at and you can find him on the Facebook website as well.