Daryl Hannah

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Daryl Hannah (himself)

Daryl Hannah has been doing magic for over six and a half years, performing at venues across the country as well as internationally (Rosarito’s Casa del Magiko Grande).  While touring with a premier Salsa band throughout the southwest, Hannah was exposed to Native American Medicine Men that changed his life.

Daryl HannahPreviously know as Daryl Hannah: Master of Birds, Daryl has been developing a unique blend of Native culture medicine rituals with contemporary illusion techniques.  He is currently an ambassador for the Chahawe Reservation outreach program and serves the nation by educating children through classes in poetry and Judo (Hannah is a third degree brown belt).  Based in Tuscon, he is the recipient of two Desert Sand Conjurer citations as well as an honorary degree from Westlake Community College.

For booking information please visit www.everything-is-magic.com (UNDER CONSTRUCTION).  He is available as a rock band opening act, corporate and spiritual training/guide as well as a magic consultant.  He would like to thank, as always, Dawn and Montana.